Statutory Valuations - Fresh Valuations and Supplementary Valuations

​The Valuer-General is required to assess statutory values of all properties in Tasmania, including Crown land that is liable for rating. The three values assessed are Land Value, Capital Value and Assessed Annual Value.  

Generally a fresh valuation of a municipality is undertaken every 6 years, with supplementary valuations being undertaken during the 6 year period, whenever a major change occurs to some aspect of a property.

The values and other specific information is maintained in a Valuation Roll for each municipality.

Some key points are -

  • All properties within a municipality are valued as at the same date. This is called the  Levels of Value Date. This date remains constant until the next valuation in 6 years time. The Levels of Value date is 1 July in the year of the valuation.
  • Notices of Valuation are issued the following May and valuations become effective for rating and taxing purposes from the 1 July following issue of the valuations ie if the Levels of Value date is 1 July 2018, the Notices of Valuation will be issued in May 2019 and the effective date for rates and taxes is 1 July 2019.
  • Owners of land can object to the issued values.   For information about objecting to a fresh valuation see the Objecting to a Statutory Valuation page.
  • The Valuer-General uses Contract Valuers to value the properties.  The quality assurance of the values and oversight of the Contract Valuers is undertaken by the Office of the Valuer-General.

In between the 6 year cycle, the Valuer-General issues Supplementary Valuations whenever a major change occurs on a property ie a new garage or room is added, the land size changes.  The key points are -

  • Most Supplementary Valuations are requested by the relevant Council following lodgement of development applications.
  • The valuations assessed by the Valuer are based on the Level of Values Date for the municipality.  This means that the valuer determines what the value would have been, if the change was in place on the Levels of Value Date.   This approach provides a consistent basis for rates and taxes across a municipality.
  • Notices of Valuation are issued following the Supplementary Valuation.

About the Fresh V​aluation cycle

The current valuation schedule is a six-year cycle, with one-third of municipalities receiving fresh valuations every two years. Valuations are effective from 1 July in the year of issue. 

A high resolution PDF map showing the Fresh Valuation Program is available below.

Municipal Fresh Valuation Map (1.75 MB)

See the Owner's Guide - Fresh Valuations (PDF) for an explanation of the fresh valuation process.

Fresh​​ Valuation Schedule

This table shows the date of the last valuation for each council. Property owners can also review valuation details for their property via the LIST website at

MunicipalityLevel of Value DateYear of IssueNext Fresh Valuation Due
Break O'Day1 July 201820192026
Brighton1 July 201820192026
Burnie1 July 201820192026
Central Coast1 July 201820192026
Central Highlands1 July 201420152022
Circular Head1 July 201820192026
Clarence1 July 201820192026
Derwent Valley1 July 201620172024
Devonport1 July 201420152022
Dorset1 July 201620172024
Flinders1 July 201620172024
George Town1 July 201820192026
Glamorgan-Spring Bay1 July 201620172024
Glenorchy1 July 201620172024
Hobart1 July 201420152022
Huon Valley1 July 201420152022
Kentish1 July 201420152022
Kingborough1 July 201420152022
King Island1 July 201620172024
Latrobe1 July 201420152022
Launceston1 July 201620172024
Meander Valley1 July 201820192026
Northern Midlands1 July 201820192026
Sorell1 July 201620172024
Southern Midlands1 July 201420152022
Tasman1 July 201620172024
Waratah-Wynyard1 July 201620172024
West Coast1 July 201420152022
West Tamar1 July 201220132022

Due to COVID-19 the issue of the fresh valuation cycle has been impacted. The next issue of the fresh valuations will occur for the Municipal areas of Central Highlands, Devonport, Hobart, Huon Valley, Kentish, Kingborough, Latrobe, Southern Midlands, West Coast and West Tamar in 2022. 


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