Aboriginal and Dual Naming

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy

The Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy (ADNP) provides for the naming of areas that have significance to Tasmania's Aboriginal history. The policy provides for the preferential assignment of Aboriginal names for previously unnamed natural features or places - such as rivers and mountains - as well as allowing for the addition of Aboriginal names to existing official names of natural features or places.

The role of the Place Names Advisory Panel in the implementation of this policy is outlined in the document​: 

The Aboriginal and dual naming process is outlined in the following document:

Names assigned under the Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy​

The following resources provide the names and extents that have been assigned under the Aboriginal and Dual Naming Policy:

 Aboriginal Place Names (PDF 205Kb)​

 Aboriginal Place Names Map (PDF 272Kb)​

 Aboriginal Place Names LISTmap Layer

The map below provides location for those Aboriginal and dual names proposed in the 2022 tranche of names:

​**Map coming soon**

Aboriginal and Dual Naming Reference Group

The ADNP provides for an Aboriginal and Dual Naming​ Reference Group of experts in Aboriginal languages to provide advice to the Panel on Aboriginal naming proposals. The Reference Group is majority Tasmanian Aboriginal people and has wide ranging authority to make enquiry, engage in correspondence, seek independent views and conduct localised research as it sees fit, to provide advice to the Panel on all Aboriginal and dual naming proposals. 

The Place Names Advisory Panel will remain the authority responsible for making naming decisions, and all decisions of the Panel will progress through existing established practices under the Place Names Act 2020.

See the Terms of Reference for the Reference Group:

  Aboriginal and Dual Naming Reference Group Terms of Reference   (117Kb)​

Aboriginal and Dual Naming Submissions Calendar

The Panel has established an annual calendar for Aboriginal and Dual Name submissions. Submissions are required to be received by the Registrar of Place Names prior to the end of March each year, following which they will be referred to the Reference Group for consideration and advice back to the Panel.​ The Reference Group will provide its report to the Panel by the end of September each year, to enable a recommendation to the Minister by the end of December. 

This timetable has been adopted to ensure there is sufficient time for the Reference Group to engage with all necessary stakeholders and to prepare its report for the Panel.

Aboriginal and Dual Naming Submissions​ Template

To assist individuals and organisations in preparing Aboriginal and dual naming submissions in a consist​ant manner, standard templates and advisory documentation has been prepared.

Register of Aboriginal Community Organisations

The ADNP requires that a register of Aboriginal community organisations and groups is publicly​ available to allow consultation as part of any Aboriginal place naming proposal.


Registrar of Place Names
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