Placenames Tasmania

​​​​​​Placenames Tasmania contains the authoritative register of place names in Tasmania together with other accepted names intended for delivery on TASMAP, LIST data and mapping products.

Placenames Tasmania includes the system for processing the stages of the naming of features, including the advertising of place naming proposals, acceptance onto Place Names Advisory Panel meetings and publishing through the Government Gazette as required.

Placenames Tasmania can also be accessed for obtaining information on the location of features together with historical information on the name.

Making Submissions to Place Names Proposals:

All place naming proposals are advertised through the ​Advertisements page of Placenames Tasmania for a minimum period of one month. During this period submissions are able to be made on proposals​ by simply clicki​​ng on a naming proposal and clicking on the ​Make Submission button. All submissions will be included with a place naming proposal when submitted to the Place Names Advisory Panel for deliberation.

Within Placenames Tasmania, the location of features will be managed through spatial location and extent of feature. Placenames Tasmania is available at:

Placenames Tasmania is web service enabled, meaning you can bring place names into your own GIS or webmap​ viewer.​ 

  User Documentation   (311Kb)​​

Use the below link for assistance in accessing the web services.​​​

  REST endpoint User Notes   (167Kb)​​


Registrar of Place Names

GPO Box 44,
HOBART, TAS, 7000.