GPS in Schools


​The GPS in Schools program is a part of the AuScope ​Geophysical Education Observatory.

This initiative aims to promote geoscience education in the education sector by combining information from a range of real-time sensors across the Australian continent.  

A total of $83,500 was made available to construct three permanent GPS satellite data receivers in Tasmanian schools at:

  • Taroona High School,

  • Lilydale District School, and

  • Devonport High School.

In total, 16 GPS stations are being installed in schools across Australia. Data from the stations will flow to Geoscience Australia in Canberra and will be part of the National Positioning Infrastructure. The data will also be made available to the international research community through the International GNSS Service.

Students will be able to access the GPS data along with information from the allied Seismometers in Schools program using the free app AuScope Earth available in iOS and android. Schools can also use the free web service provided by the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory to access data from thousands of permanent GPS stations worldwide.

Educational resources - Worksheets​​

The following r​esources have been developed by the University of Tasmania for the GPS in Schools program:

  Worksheet S​​​​​​ummary   (133Kb)
  Worksheet 1 - How GPS Works   (883Kb)

  Worksheet 2 - Basic Receiver Operation   (1Mb)
  Worksheet 3 - Applications of GPS   (2Mb)
  Worksheet 4 - GPS in Earth Sciences   (2Mb)

​Technology in Schools - GP​S​

GPS kit for loan

Land Tasmania has used some of the GPS in Schools Program funding to purchase 48 handheld Garmin etrex® 10 GPS units. 

The units are divided into four kits of 12 which are available for loan – two kits based in both Hobart and Launceston.

The kits are able to be booked through an eLearning program implemented in 2015 by the Department for Education, Children and Young People.

The program is entitled "Technology in Schools" which is designed to support the Australian Curriculum, especially Digital Technologies, by providing a range technology resources for loan to Tasmanian schools including 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality equipment.  The following information flyer describes the program:

  eLearning Technology in Schools Infosheet   (379Kb)​

The Technology in Schools​ resources are part of the DoE 'Canvas' Learning Management System which allows access for all Tasmanian schools. The GPS and mapping resource are entitled "Technology in Schools - GPS" and include lesson activites for Years 5 to 8 related to achievement standards in the national curriculum. 

To make a booking:

​​​How to use the GPS units​​

Hand held GPS unit

Instructions on how to use the Garmin etrex® GPS units are available in the document below:

  Using the Garmin etrex 10 h​​​andheld GPS   (901Kb)

More information​​


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