Future Directions for TASMAP products

​​​​TASMAP future directions

In April 2015, TASMAP published its Future Directions document which outlined proposed strategies for modernising its mapping products to meet projected client needs over the next decade. 

To gauge acceptance, TASMAP consulted with the public, stakeholders and clients and sought feedback on the proposals outlined in the Future Directions document. The document and supporting information was available on the TASMAP website with an email address for comments and submissions. The consultation period ran for six weeks and closed 22 May 2015. 

As a result of the consultation, the Topographic Mapping - Consultation Summary and Final Recommendations paper was developed, concluding that all recommendations outlined in the Future Directions document should go ahead. In addition, the final recommendations include an investigation into the development of print on demand services. 

The Final Recommendations achieved formal sign off on 10 July 2015 and TASMAP will be working hard to implement the future directions.​

Both the Future Directions and Consultation Summary and Final Recommendations documents are avialable for download below:

  TASMAP future directions   (2Mb)​​

  Summary and final recommendations   (287Kb)​​



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