Reports and Industry Information

​​​​​​​​Office of Racing Integrity provides communications to industry participants and the broader community.

Inform​ation published by the Director of Racing is in relation to functions under the Racing Regulation Act 2004

​Industry notices​

 Tasmanian Country Oaks Heats May 2024 (PDF 121Kb)

 Clarkie Tyres Easter Cup March 2024 (PDF 119Kb)

 Ladbrokes Easter Purse March 2024 (PDF 118Kb)​

 Steve King Breeders Classic Heats - LGRC 08-03-2024 (PDF 63Kb)

 Ulverstone Pet Foods Tasmanian Breeders Classic Heats 02-12-2023 (PDF 68Kb)

 Simons Carpet One Gold Collar November 2023 (PDF 121Kb)

​​ Harness Handicapping & Procedure Schedule effective 1 October 2023 (PDF 100Kb)

 Greyhound Retirements (PDF 33Kb)

 Thoroughbred Syndicate Cancellations (PDF 40Kb)

 Review - Darryl Fitzsimmons Inquiry (PDF 54Kb)

 On Track Arrival Time Restriction (PDF 38Kb)

 Proposed Penalty Guidelines - Consultation Open (PDF 115Kb)

 Change of Office Hours at ORI (PDF 114Kb)

 Harness Participants - 24-03-2023 (PDF 161Kb)

 Greyhounds - Minimum Vaccination Requirements (PDF 145Kb)

 Greyhound Industry Participants - Local Government Requirements - 12-12-2022 (PDF 120Kb)

 Notice to Trainers - Cross contamination risk mitigation (PDF 135Kb)

 Payment of Fines (PDF 83Kb)

 Missile Xtreme Sulkies Prohibition (PDF 32Kb)

 Altrenogest (PDF 91Kb)

 Thoroughbred Trainers - Ban on injectable cobalts salts (PDF 78Kb)

 Harness Racing Integrity Policies - Whip Update  (PDF 40Kb)

 Greyhound Toe Nails (PDF 206Kb)

 Attention Trainers - Aminorex - 22-07-2020 (PDF 550Kb)

 Tongue Tie Policy 01.04.20 (PDF 213Kb)

Industry reports 

 Investigation Report - Director of Racing - Injury and Management of Greyhound - Tah Bernard (PDF 563Kb)​

 Investigation Report Anthony Bullock (PDF 760Kb)