​Stewards are entrusted with wide-ranging powers in order for them to properly control and regulate their respective racing codes. They ensure that the Rules of Racing a​​re adhered to, and to investigate, determine and where necessary, penalise any breaches of the Rules. 

Stewards are responsible for the conduct of race meetings throughout the State, and the conduct of all persons registered in varying capacities in the various racing codes.

They are also responsible for drug testing bot​​h human and animal racing participants. The provision of drug testing procedures are seen as paramount in maintaining a fair and equitable racing industry.​

The ​Office of Racing Integrity is responsible for the pro​​vision of Stipendiary Stewards for the three codes of racing. Stipendiary Stewards in Tasmania are rostered across the three codes of racing. There are a total of nine full-time stewards, two Steward Investigators and two Cadet Stewards:

  • Chairman of Stewards - Thoroughbred
  • Chairman of Stewards - Harness
  • Chairman of Stewards - Greyhound
  • Six Stipendiary Stewards
  • Two Steward Investigators, and
  • Two Cadet Stewards

Part-time stewards are used to supplement the stewards panels ​on race days.



Stewards reports are available for each of the racing codes. See:

​In addition, ORI regularly publishes its stewards​ inquiries decisions (cross-code).