Handicapping and Nominations - Harness

​Nominating Times

Unless otherwise notified, nominations will close as follows:

When one meeting is programmed nominations will close at 9.30 am on Tuesday

When two meetings are programmed nominations:

  • For the primary meeting will close at 9.30 am on Tuesday
  • For the secondary meeting will close at 9.30 am on Wednesday

The primary and secondary meetings will be clearly identified by Tasracing and contained in the programming information.

How to nominate for a Tasmanian race meeting

Nominations for Tasmanian harness race meetings will only be accepted by one of the following methods:

NB: Nominations by any other method will not be accepted unless special circumstances exist.

Handicapping Policies and Field Selection

Participants should ensure they are aware of information contained in the Harness - Handicapping Schedule - Ratings which details handicapping and field selection procedures relevant to Tasmanian harness race meetings.

Handicapping Enquiries

While ORI prefer that handicapping enquiries are in writing detailing the apparent problem, phone enquiries are also available.  Participants should be aware that at times an answering machine may be engaged, but this is checked regularly and you will receive a response as quickly as possible.

Our telephone and email contacts are listed below.



Office of Racing Integrity - Operations Area
Prospect Government Offices
171 Westbury Road, Prospect
PO Box 1329
Launceston TAS 7250
Phone: 03 6777 1900
Fax: 03 6777 5148
Email: operations@racingintegrity.tas.gov.au
Website: www.racing.tas.gov.au