Rules and Policies

​​Approved Gear Listing

One of the strengths of Australian thoroughbred horse racing is that owners, trainers and riders are able to travel between States and Territories in the knowledge that the conditions of racing are the same as in their own States or Territories. The establishment of national rules and practices achieves this. One such policy practice is that the Australian Chairman of Stewards are constantly reaching agreement on a uniform approach to gear that is permitted under AR. 206.

The various gear approved for use in Australia and the conditions associated with their use, are detailed in the National Equipment Register.​

  Amendment to New Helmet Standard   (203Kb)

  Reminder of banning of Tipperary Vests   (132Kb)

Local Rules of Racing

 Thoroughbred - Local Rules effective 1 August 2022 (PDF 800Kb)

 Tasmanian Track Safety Limits   (106Kb)


  Barrier Certificate   (97Kb)

  Equissage Raceday Policy   (208Kb)

  Raceday Plating   (328Kb)

  INDUSTRY NOTICE - Tongue Tie Policy 01.04.20   (213Kb)

Treatment Information

  Clear Day Rule Chart   (191Kb)

  Control of Race Day Medication Information   (669Kb)

  Control of Alkalinising Agents Information   (390Kb)​


Australian Rules of Racing

The Australian Rules of Racing are available from the Racing Australia website.

​Participants should be aware that a re-write version of the Australian Rules of Racing came into effect on 1 March 2019.  Full details can be found on the Racing Australia website.​
Racing A​​ustralia Notices:

Notification for upcoming rule amendments 

 Rule Amendments - AR 88A and AR 88AA effective 1 February 2023 (PDF 227Kb)

 Notice - Screening Limits - Detection of drug Clenbuterol - effective 1 April 2023 (PDF 266Kb)​