Abalone Harvest Strategy and Operational Information

​​​Abalone Harvest Strategy 2018-2020

Download the Abalone Harvest Strategy that sets out the management direction of the fishery.

  Abalone Harvest Strategy   (2Mb)​

 Review of the Tasmanian Abalone Harvest Strategy (PDF 902Kb)​

Abalone Operational Information 2022

Download the Abalone Operation Information paper 2022 which includes: Total Allowable Catch; Boundaries; Size Limits; Closures; Biosecurity; Fishing Zones, Research Areas; Information for Processors; Over-catch; Share Diving; Sustainable Catch Targets; GPS and Depth Loggers. ​

 2022 Abalone Operational Information Document (PDF 993Kb)​​

CLICK MAP IMAGE below to see a detailed PDF of abalone fishing blocks.  Boundaries shown on the map are indicative only.

Figure 1:​  Map of sub-blocks in the commercial abalone fishery


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Dive Fisheries)
Matt Bradshaw
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street
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Phone: 0457 097 534
Email: matt.bradshaw@nre.tas.gov.au