What is FishPort?

FishPort is an online commercial licensing website located at developed by DPIPWE in close consultation with the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council.

FishPort is just one of the initiatives of the Fisheries Digital Transition Project (FDTP).  The FDTP will:

  • Develop catch and effort reporting tools for the commercial fishing industry;
  • Undertake a review of relevant legislation to support digital solutions for Tasmania’s commercial wild fisheries; and
  • Develop tools to support licence-related applications online (FishPort).

What can I do on FishPort?

My Profile: Make changes to your personal details in the FILMS (Fisheries Licensing and Monitoring System) database.

Applications: See applications you have started, or applications started by others that require your input. To involve another industry member in a FishPort application, they need to register.

Apply for a licence: Stage 1 allows you to apply for a commercial fishing licence (personal).

My licences: See details of the licences and packages you are associated with. Depending on your role, you can initiate licence-related applications.

Payments: See a summary of payments you have made

We need your feedback

A range of licensing tools are supported in Stage 1, released in March 2020.  Industry members are invited to use FishPort and provide feedback to make it as user-friendly as possible. Suggestions from industry will be assessed and prioritised for incorporation into future 2020 updates. 

Provide your feedback to: FishPort@nre​

Paper-based transactions will continue to be available.

Who can use FishPort?

To use FishPort, you must be an existing client of the Commercial Fisheries Licensing and Administration Branch or be seeking to become a client. New clients can apply to register for FishPort.

Why has this project been developed?

The Tasmanian Government has committed $5 million to the Fisheries Digital Transition Project (FDTP).  Stage 1 of the FDTP has developed a web-based licensing portal that will allow the commercial fishing industry to conduct licensing transactions via a purpose-built website, FishPort.  This will improve efficiency for the commercial fishing industry.

Do fishers have to use FishPort?

No. For the foreseeable future, both paper-based and digital licensing processes will be available.  Using FishPort will save you time and be more efficient than the current paper-based system.

Do I have to pay to use FishPort?

No – using FishPort to do your licensing tasks won’t cost any more than it does now.  

What are the advantages of using FishPort?

FishPort will streamline licensing processes for industry by reducing the need for face-to-face interactions with Fisheries Licensing staff, by providing real-time access to licensing data and pre-filling information as appropriate.

Is my data secure?

Yes - all data is held by DPIPWE in accordance with applicable security and privacy requirements including the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.  Appropriate measures are taken to ensure your electronic data is secure.

Why haven’t we moved to digital previously?

The FDTP represents a big change for Industry and DPIPWE.  It can only be implemented after the development of a single data repository, the Fisheries Integrated Licensing and Management System (FILMS) and an extensive review of business practices.  These have paved the way for the State Government to implement digital processes for Tasmania’s commercial fisheries.

Can I conduct all transactions online?

FishPort Stage 1 will support a range of licensing applications.  Additional functionality continues to be developed alongside a review of legislation to ensure it fully supports digital licensing and catch and effort platforms.

Some of the additional functionality being developed or considered for FishPort includes:
•    multi-party transfers with either party being able to pay;
•    perform transactions involving multiple licences;
•    re-grants of expired licences;
•    resolution of abalone over catch, and de-assigning abalone quota; and
•    payments exceeding DPIPWE’s $20,000 credit card limit

Why can’t I renew a licence in FishPort after it has expired?

Under the Act a licence that has expired cannot be renewed - it is a re-granting process.  The functionality of the re-grant of a licence has not been included in Stage 1 of FishPort.  Re-granting an expired licence will be built into further developments of FishPort during 2020.

In the meantime please apply for a re-grant of an expired licence using the existing paper process.

When will changes be made to the legislation?

We are working on making appropriate amendments to the legislation. We anticipate having a draft available for public comment in October this year with the intention of submitting it to Parliament early in 2021.


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