Banded Morwong Fishery

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Current Season Total Allowable Catch (TAC)

​2022/23 TAC (KG)
2022/23 TAC kg/quota unit


The banded morwong fishery is a component of the commercial ​scalefish fishery that targets banded morwong using large mesh gillnets. Almost all the catch is destined for live Asian restaurant​ market in Sydney and Melbourne. 

The fishery is centred on the east coast of Tasmania between St Helens and the Tasman Peninsula, with teh largest catches coming from around Bicheno. Smaller catches have been taken along the south coast and around Flinders Island. Fishing is over inshore reefs, with gear set primarily in the 10-20 metre depth range. 

The total allowable catch (TAC) for the 2022/23 quota year has been set at 30 kg/quota unit (totalling 35,760 kg). There are 1,192 quota units in the banded morwong fishery. Go to Public Notice page to view the detail about 2022/23 quota year total allowable catch. 

Managing the fishery 

The banded morwong fishery is managed under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 and the Fisheries (Scalefish) Rules 2015

The fishery is currently managed by a combination of limited licences (29 licences) and quota (for the developed part of the fishery), gear limits, size limits and a two month annual spawning closure​. Catch limits are also in place for recreational fishers. 


With the introduction of quota management system in 2008, the fishery was split into two areas: the TAC area and the non-TAC area. 

For assessment purposes, the state is divided into five regions, with the assessment regions 1, 2 and 3 being in the TAC area and the regions 4 and 5 in the non-TAC area. 

Go to the Banded Morwong Map page for more detail. 

Catch update 

TAC Area Total KG Landed​ TAC Area Total KG Uncaught​
% of TAC Taken​
Non-TAC Area Total KG Landed​
Monthly Beach Price $/KG*
​May 2022
​Jun 2022^
​July 2022
​Aug 2022

​Sep 2022

​Oct 2022
​Nov 2022

​Dec 2022

​Jan 2023

​Feb 2023

8,679​ 27,081 24.3

​As at 30 June 2022. ^not final. *The monthly beach price is an average calculated from the monthly processer returns. 

More information 

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Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery Assessment 2019/20

Tasmanian Banded Morwong Fishery Assessment 2019/20 

2020 Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS) Report - Banded Morwong​ 

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe


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