2021 Scallop Season

Following the completion of scallop surveys and a meeting of the Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (ScFAC), the part opening of the commercial scallop fishery was approved.

It will open from 1 September to 31 December with a total allowable catch (TAC) of 1494.9 tonnes or 145kg/ unit.    

The open area is State scallop waters enclosed within reporting blocks 3H3O and 3H3P in the vicinity of Babel Island east of Flinders Island indicated in the map below. 

The open area excludes Commonwealth waters and waters less than 20m deep contained within the area.  All other state waters remain closed.  

Map of 2021 scallop commercial harvest area

Map of 2021 scallop commercial harvest area, (i) 39° 52.5'S, 148° 15'E; (ii) 39° 52.5'S, 148° 30'E; (iii) 40° 00'S, 148° 30' E; (iv) 40° 00'S, 148°15'E.

The Public Notice below establishing the TAC was published in the Gazette on 20 August and major papers on 21 August 2021.

  Public Notice Scallop TAC Determination August 2021   (74Kb)

The notice below establishes the open area and season dates for the commercial scallop fishery.  

  Notice Tasmanian Commercial Scallop Fishery 2021 Season Dates and Open Area   (38Kb)

To fish in this year's commercial scallop season licence holders must apply to activate a fishing licence (scallop) by completing the 'Vary a Fishing Licence (Scallop)' application form.  Participating vessels must also have an operating vessel monitoring system (VMS).  

Queries can be directed to the Fisheries Compliance and Monitoring section (03) 6165 3000 or email fisheries.licensing@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

Scallop Surveys

Scallop surveys of five areas took place during June and July.  The surveys were undertaken by commercial scallop vessels using commercial scallop dredges, following a random stratified survey plan developed by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).  The surveys were overseen by independent IMAS and DPIPWE observers on board the participating vessels.  The scallop surveys were based on scallop areas identified during the 2020 state wide exploratory survey period. Thirty random dredge tows were allocated to each area.  The areas surveyed included:

  • White Rock (east coast Tasmania);
  • Gardens (north east Tasmania);
  • Pot Boil (east Flinders);
  • South Babel (east Flinders); and,
  • North Babel (east Flinders). 

IMAS also undertook a towed camera survey of the White Rock survey area, repeating the survey undertaken in 2020.

Below is a link to the IMAS survey report. 


Scallop survey locations 2021

Scallop dredge survey tows (black dots).


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