Bearded Rock Cod

Other names: cod, southern rock cod, red rock cod, slimies, beardie

Scientific name:
Pseudophycis barbata

Minimum size:

Bag limit:
15 (cod species combined)

Possession limit:
30 (cod species combined)

Identifying features:
This cod is reddish-brown and predominantly white or pink below.  A black margin is sometimes found surrounding the dorsal, anal and tail fins.  They have small scales and a mucous film covering their bodies.  

Grows to:
Up to 70 cm and 6 kg.

Bearded rock cod live in open coastal waters over hard bottom and rocky reefs in depths from 1-300 metres.

Fishing information:
Frequently caught by fishing on the bottom using bait such as fish and squid any time during the day or night.  Often confused with another cod species found in Tasmania, the red cod, Pseudophycis bachus, which has a black spot behind its gill covers.  Red cod rarely move about during the day so tend to be caught more at night.

Responsible fishing tips:
Cod will often take baits well down into their gut so it has the best chance of survival if you release unwanted fish by cutting the line.

Cod has a low oil content, delicate flavour and soft flesh which is easily flaked and may be further improved by smoking.  Use as fillets or whole.  Suitable to bake, barbecue, fry, grill, marinate, poach, smoke, use in soup and steam.

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe
Fish for the Future