Banded Morwong

‚ÄčOther names: sea carp, red moki

Scientific name:
Cheilodactylus spectabilis

Minimum size:
36 cm

Maximum size:
46 cm

Bag limit:

Possession limit:

Closed season 1 March - 30 April inclusive ‚Äčeach year.

Banded morwong are measured nose to the fork of the tail.

Identifying features:
This large species of morwong is white with a number of distinctive reddish-brown vertical bars across the flanks.  The chin and belly are white and the fins are a uniform reddish-brown or grey.

Grows to:
Up to 70 cm and 15 kg.

Banded morwong are normally found around shallow exposed rocky reef areas in depths between 3-50 metres.  They occur along most of the east and south east coasts of Tasmania.

Fishing information:
Banded morwong are not popularly targeted by recreational fishers, although some are taken in gillnets and by diving.  Their rate of growth is fast in the first 5 years and then slows.  Males grow larger than females and mature banded morwong may be as old as 90 years.

Responsible fishing tips:
Cut the mesh in the net to release the fish in preference to pulling as this may damage the gills, eyes, skin and fins.  Use a de-hooker or pliers to remove hook or cut the line.

The firm, flaky flesh of this species has a distinctive, medium flavour, though is sometimes considered dry.  It is best cooked in a way that ensures moisture is not lost such as baking in foil.  Suitable to bake, foil-bake, barbeque, shallow or deep-fry, marinate or poach.

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe
Fish for the Future