Blue Warehou

Other names: snotty trevally, trevally, snotties

Scientific name:
Seriolella brama

Minimum size:
25 cm

Bag limit:

Possession limit:

Identifying features:
Blue warehou have dark steely blue colouring above and are silvery white below.  When alive, darker blotches are often observed on the flanks but these tend to fade soon after capture.  A prominent black spot is found above the pectoral fin.  They have a mucous film covering their bodies, hence the name ‘snotties’.  

Grows to:
Up to 76 cm and 7 kg.

A migratory schooling fish which is caught on reefs, and under jetties, wharves and moored boats.  Juveniles and sub-adults form large schools and migrate through certain areas around Tasmania during summer and autumn, especially along the north and south-east coasts.

Fishing information:
Often caught in gillnets, these fish are strong fighters when taken on light gear.  The best method of capture is using a small hook with no sinker and allowing baits such as raw chicken meat or fresh shelled prawns to sink until reaching mid-water.  There is a well known season for catching them off Stanley wharf around December.

Responsible fishing tips:
When a school is encountered, large numbers can be taken so only take enough fish for your immediate needs.

A soft fleshed fish that requires careful handling and refrigeration.

A very good eating fish when fresh, although there is some deterioration of flesh when stored frozen for extended periods.  It has medium-low oil content, good flavour and dark, flaky flesh which lightens during cooking.  Best used in moist dishes such as soups, stews, curries or marinated.  Use as fillets, steaks and whole.

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe
Fish for the Future