School Resources

Fishcare is available to run fishing clinics for primary and secondary age children. We have resources including fishing gear for students to use and can distribute fishing education products including guides, rulers, gauges and stickers.

Fishing simulators

Ask about our fishing simulators - they allow fishers of any age or ability to catch a fish. They are great for indoor events or when the weather isn't favourable for fishing.

Fishing simulators 

Colour-In Fish Pictures

Printable PDF pictures of Tasmanian fish species for kids to download and colour in.


​Cowfish - Shaws, Female

Cowfish - Shaws, Male

Cowfish - Shaws x 2


​Crab - Hermit

​Crab - Spider

Crabs of Tasmania x 3

Crustaceans and Molluscs

Cuttlefish - Giant

​Cuttlefish - Giant, Simpler

​Flathead - Sand

Fletcher fishes responsibly

​Flounder - Greenback

Globe (Puffer) fish

Handfish - Spotted


Molluscs of Tasmania x 4


Octopus - Blue Ringed

Old Wife

​​Protected fishes x 2

​Ray - Stingaree​

Reef fishes x 3

Rock Lobster - Southern

Seadragon - Weedy

Seahorse - Big Belly

Shark - Elephant fish

​​​Shark - Mako

Shark - Saw

Shark - Sawtailed Catshark

​​Squid - Calamari

​​​Trumpeter - ​Striped

​​Whiting - King George


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