​​​​​​Discussion Paper: Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan

​​​Have Your Say​

Members of the public are invited to have their say on the Discussion Paper: Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan.

The Discussion Paper seeks to canvas the views of stakeholders to inform the development of the new 10-Year Salmon Plan.  It outlines the strategic policy drivers for the aquaculture sector, including Tasmanian salmon, proposes policy outcomes Government could seek to enable a sustainable, resilient and innovative salmon industry, and presents a range of focus areas for consideration. 

Each section includes questions to prompt your consideration in the preparation of a submission.  Submissions need not address all questions specifically.

To inform your ​​​submission:

 Discussion Paper Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan (PDF 2Mb)​

 SUMMARY Discussion Paper Towards a 10-Year Salmon Plan (PDF 350Kb)

 Addendum A - Tasmanian Regulatory Framework for Aquaculture (PDF 216Kb)

 Addendum B - Preformal Early Engagement Summary Report (PDF 311Kb)

 Questions and Answers (PDF 374Kb)

​​Make a submission

Submissions on the Discussion Paper are open from 15 July to 24 August 2022 inclusive. 

​Next steps​​

Submissions close on 24 August 2022. 

Submissions may be published in accordance with the Tasmanian Government’s Public Submissions Policy

Submissions received on the Discussion Paper will help inform development of the 10-Year Salmon Plan and will be reported on separately in late 2022.

Contact salmonengagement@nre.tas.gov.au with general queries.