Recreational Fishing Gearsheets

Long lineFishing gear that can be legally used by recreational fishers in Tasmania ranges from basic rod and line combinations to more specialised gear including pots and nets. It's important that fishers familiarise themselves with fishing gear rules and any licensing requirements for their gear.

The Recreational Fishing Gearsheets cover seven different types of recreational fishing gear: setlines including longlines and droplines; nets including graball nets, mullet nets and beach seine nets and rock lobster gear including pots and rings. The sheets describe how the fishing gear works, what are the usual target fish species for that gear and give fishing tips how to use the gear responsibly.

You can download the gearsheets below or copies are available at Fishcare events.

Recreational Gear Sheet - Graball Net (809 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Mullet Net (618 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Beach Seine Net (588 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Longline (517 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Dropline (616 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Rock Lobster Pot (984 KB)

Recreational Gear Sheet - Rock Lobster Ring (691 KB)


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