Marine Farms - Fishing Advice

​​Marine farm markerRecreational fishing in marine farming lease areas is not allowed without the permission of the leaseholder. Marine farming leases provide the leaseholder with exclusive right of occupation of the waters and the seabed.

The corners of marine farming lease areas are marked with navigation markers. The industry uses the IALA special marks on the corners of their lease areas - see photo. These markers are coloured yellow and may have lights and a cross.

A few simple rules should be followed:
  • Be aware of the location of marine farming leases in any area you intend to fish. If you are unsure, check the marine farming lease charts on LISTMap​ or contact the Marine Farming Branch (see details below).
  • Unless you have the prior permission of the leaseholder, keep well clear of the boundaries of marine farming leases. You must not enter the lease area.
  • Be careful if anchoring or fishing near a deep water marine farming zone. The anchors and mooring lines for farms can extend outside the lease boundaries and you may risk fouling your gear or anchor.


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