Shark Refuge Areas

These areas are important habitat for the breeding of school and gummy sharks, skates and rays.

  • No shark, skate or ray of any kind (other than elephantfish) may be taken.
  • Do not target sharks at all in Shark Refuge Areas. Return accidentally caught shark​ to the water immediately.
  • Using set lines and auxiliary fishing gear is prohibited in Shark Refuge Areas.
  • Using mullet nets is prohibited in Shark Refuge Areas and other netting restrictions may apply.
  • Where permitted, gillnets may only be set for up to 2 hours.
  • You may carry sharks, skates or rays through a Shark Refuge Area if they were taken outside that area.


Blackman Bay

Near Dunalley.

Derwent River

Upstream of a line from Dennes Point to Cape Direction.

Frederick Henry Bay and Norfolk Bay

All the waters of those bays north of a line from Cape Contrariety to Northwest Head including Pittwater.

D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Between a line from Scott Point to Partridge Island and to Labillardiere Peninsula in the south and a line from Dennes Point to Piersons Point in the north (includes North West Bay River and Huon River).

Georges Bay

West of a line from Grant's Point to St Helens Point.

Great Oyster Bay

North of a line from Seaford Point to Weatherhead Point on Freycinet Peninsula.

East Coast Waters

Those waters within three nautical miles of any part of the coast between Seaford Point and Cape Bougainville.

Mercury Passage

Bounded in the north by a line from Cape Bougainville to Cape Boullanger and in the south by a line from Cape Peron to Cape Bernier.

Port Sorell

South of a line through Griffiths Point in the east to Taroona Point in the west at the southern extremity of Hawley Beach.

kanamaluka / Tamar River

Those waters south of a line from Low Head and West Head.



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