Rock Lobster and Crab

​​​​Rules apply when taking rock lobster (crayfish) and crab in Tasmania including gear and area restrictions, size, bag and possession limits. You need a licence to take  rock lobster recreationally.

In this Topic

  • Rock Lobster Fishing
    Rules for recreational rock lobster fishing including catch limits, measuring, setting gear at season opening and transiting between areas.
  • Rock Lobster Area Management
    Eastern and Western Regions and other area restrictions apply when fishing and possessing rock lobster in Tasmania.
  • Rock Lobster Gear
    What fishing gear you can use to catch rock lobster including pots and rings and how to mark it.
  • Measuring, Marking and Sexing Rock Lobster
    How to determine the sex, measure the carapace and mark or tail clip southern rock lobster.
  • Crab Fishing
    Regulations on recreational fishing for giant crab and other crab species.


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