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​​​Information about shellfish and abalone fishing is available in Simplified Chinese - ​see 贝类以及贝壳收集 and ​捕捉鲍鱼​.

To eating seafood safely, see Safety of Fish and Shallfish for Eating

Why do we need rules?

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe

Australian salmon

Fisheries rules are in place so fish can be caught in a sustainable manner and provide benefits to the Tasmanian community. Having fair access to fish for themselves and future generations is important to all Tasmanians.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. There are guides and r​ulers available to help you understand Tasmanian fishing rules.

If you break fisheries rules you risk large fines, your fishing gear can be taken and for serious offences you may go to jail. If convicted, you can be banned from fishing and it may affect character references for your visa or residency.

Recreational Sea Fishing Licence​


​​Size Limits

Minimum size limits allow fish to breed before they can be caught. You must immediately return all undersized fish to the water. It is an offence to possess undersize fish even if they are no longer alive - more information

Use a ruler to measure your fish

​Bag and Possession Limits

​​Bag and possession limits​ help share fish among many users, reduce waste and limit the overall recreational catch​ - more information​. ​​


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