Size and Bag Limits

​​​​​​​​​​​Recreational catch limits appear in the table below as a combined total for all species in a fish group.


Size and bag limits A - M

​​Fish GroupBag LimitPossession LimitBoat Limit ​​​​​​​​Minimum Size​
​​Bait species (combined, including anchovy, sardine, sprats, hardyheads)​50​100​-​-
​Bait invertebrates (combined, including soldier crabs, marine worms and burrowing shrimp)
​Boarfish​2​4​-​45 cm
​Bream (in marine waters)5​​10​-​25 cm
Bearded rock cod
​​Flathead Sand and Tiger (combined)
Sand flathead
Tiger flathead
​20​30​-​32 cm
​Flathead, Bluespotted and Rock (combined)
Bluespotted flathead
Rock flathead
​5 (only 1 over 60cm)​10​-​40 cm
Flounder Greenback flounder
​15​30​-​25 cm
​Garfish​15​30​-​25 cm
​Groper, Blue
Gurnard and Ocean PerchCommon gurnard perch
​Kingfish, Yellowtail
​5​10​-​45 cm
Leatherjacket ​10​20​-​20 cm
Mackerel and RedbaitJack Mackerel
Morwong, Banded (season applies)
​2​4​-​Between 36 - 46 cm
​Morwong, Jackass and OtherJackass Morwong
​10​20​-​25 cm
Mullet​15​30​-​25 cm


Size and bag limits N - Z

Fish GroupBag Limit
Possession LimitBoat Limit​​Minumum Size
Pike, Longfin
​Salmon, Atlantic (in marine waters)​12​24​-​-
Salmon, Australian​15​30-​​20 cm

​Sea Urchins
​No limit
​No limit
​No limit
​No limit
Shark - School and Gummy shark combined Gummy shark
​2​2*see shark boat limit​​75 cm whole or 45 cm headed & tailed
​Shark, Mako and Blue​1​2​2​-
Sharks and Rays - other combined excluding elephantfish ​2​4 *see shark boat limit​​-
*​Shark Boat Limit (all shark species combined)
All shark species - the dorsal and pectoral fins must remain attached until they are landed. See the shark finning diagram.
​5​10​-​30 cm
Squid - Goulds​15​30​-
Squid - Southern Calamari​10​20​-​-
​Swordfish, Broadbill​1​1​2​-
​Trevalla, Blue-eye​5​10​25​-
Trevally, Silver​10​20

​-​20 cm
​​Trout (in marine waters)
Trumpeter, Bastard​5​10​-​38 cm
Trumpeter, Striped (season applies) Striped trumpeter must be landed whole with head and tail attached or as fillets with the frames.​4​8​20​55 cm
Tuna (Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye)Southern bluefin tuna
​2​2​4 (only 2 over 1.5m)​-
Tuna, Albacore​5​10​-​-
Tuna, Skipjack​10​20​-​-
​Velvet Fish, Red​2​4​-​-
​WarehouBlue warehou
​10​20​-​25 cm
Whiting, King George​5​10​-​35 cm
​Whiting, OtherSchool whiting
Wrasse male and female  
​5​10​-​30 cm
Scalefish not listed above, other than protected species​5​10​-​-


Cleaning and filleting fish at sea

You can clean and fillet fish at sea although special rules apply for striped trumpeter and shark - see above.  For fish that have been filleted, two fillets are deemed to be the equivalent of one fish. 



Catch limits definitions

The purpose of bag and possession limits is to leave enough mature fish so that species can continue to breed.

Daily Bag LimitThe maximum number or weight of a particular type of fish you as an individual fisher can take in any one day.
Possession LimitThe maximum number or weight of a particular type of fish you as an individual fisher can possess in a specified area in Tasmania. If no area is specified, it applies anywhere in Tasmania including in your home.
On Water Possession LimitThe maximum number of a particular type of fish you can possess whilst on the water.
Boat LimitThe maximum number or weight of a particular type of fish that can be possessed in one boat at any one time. Daily bag and possession limits apply.
Highgrading​Highgrading your catch is not allowed.  You can't bring more than your daily bag limit back to the boat or shore and sort them there.  Fish are regarded as taken and in your possession as soon as collected or caught.


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