Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee

​The Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee (RecFAC) advises the Minister on recreational sea fishing matters including fishery rule reviews and policy.

The work program for RecFAC for the next few years includes providing input into:
  • Developing harvest strategies for abalone, rock lobster, calamari and flathead.
  • Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and season date decisions.
  • The implementation and actions associated with the Recreational Sea Fishing Strategy.
  • The Flathead for the Future Program.
  • Management of emerging species - King George whiting, snapper, yellowtail kingfish.
  • Resource sharing and area management.
  • Research and stock monitoring.
  • Improving stewardship and community engagement.


There are around six meetings each year depending on current issues.  Meetings are held around the state, usually over a full day, although shorter video conferences are also held. Sub-committees will progress some topics rather than all members attending every meeting. Preferred meeting times (including out of normal business hours) and locations will be discussed by the Chair and members at their initial meeting.

The operation of the RecFAC and the conduct of RecFAC members during meetings is guided by Fishery Advisory Committees Establishment and Procedures. This document covers issues including conflicts of interest, confidentiality, media interactions and standard procedural matters.


The RecFAC membership composition balances a range of expertise and knowledge of fisheries, regions and gender representation while maintaining a strategic and constructive Committee.

Most members are from the recreational fishing community, plus a one each from DPIPWE, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing (TARFish), General Community and Conservation and the Marine Police. Recreational representatives are fishers or community members who can provide strategic input into recreational fishing management, research and education planning.

An informal background training session on fisheries management basics is provided to appointees.

Members are not paid sitting fees but are entitled to travel allowances to cover the cost of travelling to FAC meetings.

The current RecFAC membership is listed below. 

Independent ChairMax Kitchell
DPIPWE representative
Rod Pearn
Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Recreational Fisheries) 
Fisheries Research representativeSean Tracey
Marine Police representative Snr Constable Eileen Langford/ Constable Ben Cunningham
Tasmania Police 
Recreational Fishing Peak Body representative  Jane Gallichan
Community and Conservation
Jon Bryan

Recreational Fisheries representatives

Stephen Scott, Naomi Balon, Dianne Andoni, Sunny Jang, Nepelle Crane, Richard Sherriff, Martin Wells, Adrian Hales

Agendas and minutes

Meeting summaries, action items and recommendations and are recorded for each meeting. The Chair provides a report to the Minister summarising the key discussion points and outcomes of the meeting.  RecFAC recommendations are forwarded to the Minister after each meeting. Minutes prior to 2019 are available on request.

 RecFAC 74 Agenda 12 March 2021 (PDF 156Kb)

 RecFAC 74 Minutes 12 March 2021 (PDF 226Kb)

 RecFAC 73 Agenda 11 Nov 2020 (PDF 154Kb)

 RecFAC 73 & 73A Minutes Nov 2020 (PDF 337Kb)

​Due to COVID-19 restrictions there is no formal Agenda for RecFAC Meetings 70, 71 and 72

 RecFAC 72 Minutes 26 June 2020 (PDF 133Kb)

 RecFAC 71 Minutes 9 June 2020 (PDF 129Kb)

 RecFAC 69 Agenda 3 March 2020 (PDF 204Kb)

 RecFAC 69 Minutes 3 March 2020 (PDF 178Kb)

 RecFAC 68 Agenda 8 Nov 2019 (PDF 142Kb)

 RecFAC 68 Minutes 8 Nov 2019 (PDF 154Kb)

If you have an issue you would like the FAC to be aware of, please contact the RecFAC Executive Officer. To progress the issue, background information may be needed at least three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Recreational Fisheries)
Rod Pearn
Level 3, 134 Macquarie St
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 0429 967 287