​​Tasmania's groundwater resource is not evenly distributed across the state. Approximately 12,000 bores and wells tap this resource for irrigation, mining, town water and stock use.

In this topic

  • Overview of Groundwater
    How and where groundwater occurs in Tasmania.
  • Groundwater Management
    The Department manages the State's groundwater resources under the provisions of the Water Management Act 1999.
  • Wells and Bores
    Taking water from wells and bores must be consistent with Part 7 of the Water Management Act 1999.
  • Well Works Permits
    Well Works Permits have been introduced to ensure that wells are constructed to minimum standards, and to protect consumers and the drilling industry from unqualified and inexperienced practitioners.
  • Groundwater Information Access Portal
    This page provides access to the Groundwater Information Access Portal as well as tips and examples of how to use it.
  • Groundwater Information for Your Area
    Hydrogeological conceptual model reports have been produced for selected areas across the state.
  • Groundwater Prospectivity Maps
    Groundwater prospectivity maps represent an initial summary of the available historical groundwater information.
  • Groundwater-Surface Water Connectivity
    Tasmania's groundwater and surface water resources are highly connected.
  • Aquifers
    An aquifer is a geological unit that stores and transmits groundwater.
  • Springs
    Springs occur where groundwater discharges naturally at the ground surface.
  • Tasmanian Drillers Licence
    Under the Water Management Act 1999 well drillers are now required to hold a Tasmanian Well Driller's Licence before they perform well works.

The Sassafras Wesley Vale groundwater area has been proclaimed as a part of the Sassafras Wesley Vale Water Management Plan. A Plan of the area is available:

  Sassafras Wesley Vale Water Management Area Plan   (4Mb)

The Draft Framework for Integrated Management of Groundwater and Surface Water in Tasmania is available:

  Groundwater and Surface Water Connectivity in Tasmania Draft Framework   (5Mb)