Groundwater Prospectivity Maps


Hydrogeological Aquifer Type Maps

Groundwater prospectivity maps, published by Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) in 2006, represent an initial summary of the available historical groundwater information (prospectivity, yield, and quality).

There are seven maps, at 1:250,000 scale, covering North-west, North-east, South-east and South-west Tasmania.

They form a basis for a more informed regional decision making process for future development and protection of Tasmania's natural resources (water resources management, sustainable agricultural development, urban development, forestry management, biodiversity, mining etc).

Versions of these maps, in PDF format, are available for download; please note the files are large and may take some time to download.

Northwest MapsNortheast MapsSoutheast MapsSouthwest Maps
Main Map

Northwest Tasmania Groundwater Map (2.96 MB)

Northeast Tasmania Groundwater Map (2.81 MB)

Southeast Tasmania Groundwater Map (4.05 MB)

Southwest Tasmania Groundwater Map (2.84 MB)

Supplementary Map

Northwest Tasmania Groundwater Quality Map (3.31 MB)

Northeast Tasmania Groundwater Quality Map (2.88 MB)

Southeast Tasmania Groundwater Quality Map (4.23 MB)

Simplified Hydrogeological Maps for Planning Purposes

There are 21 simplified Hydrogeological Maps for Planning Purposes, at 1:100,000 scale, covering Tasmania. They are complementary maps to the 1:250,000 Hydrogeological maps.

These maps are primarily aimed at staff in Local Government and in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (in particular, planners and environmental officers). However, they also provide useful groundwater information to other members of the Tasmanian community (general public, water drillers, consultants, other State agencies etc.).

Hard copies of 1:250,000 and 1:100,000 hydrogeological and geological maps and digital data used for map production are available from Mineral Resources Tasmania.

Prospectivity maps should be used in accordance with disclaimer information provided on the maps and map legends.

Map Layers in the Groundwater Information Access Portal

Groundwater Prospectivity Layer

A composite mosaic image made of the twenty one 1:100,000 hydrogeolocial maps is used for the groundwater prospectivity layer in the Groundwater Information Access Portal.

The legend for this layer is available in the following PDF documents:

Prospectivity Maps Legend Introduction

Prospectivity Units Legend

Prospectivity Maps Symbology

Geological Map Layer

The geological map layer used in the portal is the 1:250,000 scale geological data that was used for production of the prospectivity map layer.

The legend for the geological map layer is available in the following PDF document:

Geological Map Layer Legend (881 KB)