Stormwater Legislation for Tasmania - The Urban Drainage Act 2013

​The Urban Drainage Act 2013  is Tasmania's primary legislation governing the provision of urban stormwater drainage services by local councils. 

The main objective of this Act is to:

  • ​protect people and property by ensuring that stormwater services, infrastructure and planning are provided so as to minimise the risk of urban flooding due to stormwater flows; and

  • provide for the safe, environmentally responsible, efficient and sustainable provision of stormwater services in accordance with the objectives of the resource management and planning system of Tasmania​.

To achieve the objectives of the Act, the legislation provides for five key elements:

  1. The Act provides each council with a non-delegable duty to effectively drain the urban part of its municipal area;

  2. The Act details that each council must develop a stormwater system management plan for its municipal area;

  3. The Act provides councils with the necessary powers to ensure the operation and protection of their stormwater management systems;

  4. The Act describes the circumstances under which a person may be connected or disconnected from a stormwater management system; and

  5. The Act provides councils and third party infrastructure owners with a structure for arranging for councils to access infrastructure that is owned and operated by a third party, for the purposes of providing stormwater drainage.


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