New Stormwater Regulations Tasmania

The draft Urban Drainage (General) Regulations 2014

The Urban Drainage Act 2013 is now Tasmania's primary legislation governing the provision of urban stormwater drainage services by local councils.  The Act was approved by Parliament and received Royal Assent on 19 December 2013. 

During the development of the Act it was clearly identified that regulations would need to be made to provide additional information to local councils so they can effectively implement the legislation.

The Urban Water Policy Unit has developed draft regulations, the Urban Drainage (General) Regulations 2014. The draft Regulations provide detail on what constitutes a "prescribed structure". This detail is necessary to permit councils to apply the powers in section 13 of the Act, which assist councils to protect their urban drainage infrastructure.  Section 13 of the Act provides that a person must not permit a prescribed structure to be built on or over a stormwater easement or stormwater infrastructure unless they have the relevant council's permission. 

Public Consultation

As part of the process of finalising the draft Regulations the Urban Water Policy Unit has prepared a draft of the proposed Regulations for consultation with all local government stakeholders and any other interested persons.

Stakeholders and members of the public are invited to provide comment on the draft Regulations. All submissions will be considered by the Urban Water Policy Unit with a view to adjusting the draft Regulations in accordance with comments received, where it is considered necessary. As part of the consultation process on the draft Regulations, all local councils have been provided with a copy of the draft.

The draft Urban Drainage (General) Regulations details those structures that are considered to have minimal impact on stormwater infrastructure and, for the purposes of the Urban Drainage Act, can therefore be constructed without requiring the specific consent of the relevant council. 

  Urban Drainage (General) Regulations 2014   (89Kb)


Submissions on the draft Regulations should be emailed to and must be received by 5pm on Friday 27 June 2014.