Water Legislation, Policies and Strategies

​The taking, use and management of Tasmania's surface and groundwater resources is guided by legislation, policies and strategies.

In this Topic

  • Water Management Legislation
    An outline of the objectives of the major pieces of legislation relevant to the management of Tasmania's water resources.
  • Water Resources Policies and Guidelines
    Policies and guidelines established under the Water Management Act 1999.
  • National Water Initiative
    Tasmania became a signatory to the National Water Initiative on 2 June 2005.
  • Rural Water Use Strategy
    The Rural Water Use Strategy will guide Tasmania's future water management arrangements to ensure integrated, fair and efficient regulation of the State’s water resources.
  • Aboriginal Freshwater Interests
    NRE Tas are continuing to learn, talk and work with Tasmanian Aboriginal people to build relationships and better understand important issues, cultural values and practices related to freshwater interests.

Search for current Tasmanian Acts on the Tasmanian Legislation website: www.legislation.tas.gov.au.​


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