Rural Water Use Strategy

Freshwater is vital for the Tasmanian economy, environment and way of life. Tasmania’s Rural Water Use Strategy (the Strategy) takes a collaborative, science based and long-term approach to looking after the state’s freshwater. 

The Strategy recognises that Tasmania’s water management system needs to be informed by and respond to emerging trends and improve the security, quality and resilience of our water resources over the long-term.

The Tasmanian Government released the Rural Water Use Strategy in March 2021 to improve management of our freshwater resources.

The Rural Water Use Strategy contains four goals and 29 actions that are principally focused on management of Tasmania’s freshwater resources. 

An Implementation Plan for the Strategy has been released which sets out a four-year schedule of activities to progress the actions outlined in the Rural Water Use Strategy including delivering the River Health Advisory Project. 

The first Report Card launched in May 2022 outlines the substantial progress that has already been made in implementing the actions outlined in the Strategy since its release.

The full strategy is available below:

 Rural Water Use Strategy (PDF 2Mb)​

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