Groundwater Assessment

​​​​​The Groundwater Assessment Project is working to improve our understanding of the State's groundwater resources, including the interactions between groundwater and surface water.  

It is the first time a holistic, consistent, and rep​​eatable approach to groundwater resource risk has been applied in Tasmania. This will help us make informed decisions about how to use and manage groundwater in the future.

The first stage of the project has seen the development and implementation of the Tasmanian Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool and Management Framework. The Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool is designed to be a risk screening tool that can be applied consistently to identify areas for further investigation or inform water resource management policy and water infrastructure investment planning. ​

​​Initially, the Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool has been used to assess relative risk across 32 groundwater assessment units in Tasmania. This ‘first pass’ on risk assessment categorised the Sassafras-Wesley Vale area as being high risk, which is consistent with it being the only region in Tasmania currently under active management with licensed groundwater allocations. Other areas with potential high risks include Smithton Syncline, Sheffield-Spreyton-Kimberley, Burnie Basalts, Flinders Island, Great-Forester-Brid, and Huon North.

The next stage of the project will involve targeted field-based studies, investigations, and activities to provide confidence in preliminary risk outcomes and support the implementation of the Management Framework.  

 Groundwater Risk Ass​essment Tool and Management Framework - Main report (PDF 1Mb)

 Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool and Management Framework - Appendices (PDF 3Mb)

The Groundwater Assessment Project is funded by the Australian Government through the National Water Grid Authority, in partnership with the Tasmanian State Government.

Project Timeline

Early 2023
A new groundwater risk management framework developed, including a supporting Groundwater Risk Assessment Tool.​
Mid 2023A preliminary risk assessment completed for 32 groundwater assessment units across Tasmania, identifying key high risk areas for future investigation.​

2023 - 2025

​Targeted case-study groundwater research to improve our understanding of the groundwater resource, including interactions between surface water and groundwater.

​2024 - 2025

​​Enhancements to and extension of the groundwater network.​

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