Hydrological Monitoring Network Review

NRE Tas manages a current network of 181 monitoring sites that automatically collect hydrological information.  This includes data on river level and flow, groundwater level, reservoir level, precipitation, and water quality. This information is crucial for NRE Tas to manage Tasmania's water resources and ensuring compliance with the Water Management Act 1999. 

Additionally, the data from these monitoring sites is used for many purposes, including emergency management, support of existing industry, national climate and water-based services, and research studies.

To ensure that our monitoring networks can continue to meet the future needs of water resource management and scientific research, we are undertaking a desktop review of the hydrological monitoring network.

By conducting this review, we aim to optimise the effectiveness of our monitoring network, enhance data collection and analysis capabilities, and ensure reliable and accurate information for decision-making and planning related to water resource management in Tasmania.