Water Accountability Framework Review

​Many of Tasmania's catchments have reached full water use allocation over summer, and some are fully allocated in winter. The need for improvements to water use accounting and accountability is increasing in Tasmania as a result of a number of factors. This includes an increasing value of water, increased investment in irrigated agriculture, increasingly complex water management requirements as different water products emerge, and climate change impacts to water yields.

With increasing competition for our freshwater resources, more accurate data on water usage will be required to ensure that the resources continue to be managed sustainably and equitably. This project will further increase understanding of water use in Tasmanian catchments and sub-catchments; and will inform water users as well as the Tasmanian Government to make the best-informed decisions about water allocation, water management planning and water infrastructure investment decisions.

NRE Tas engaged a leading water policy consultant, Aither Pty Ltd, to conduct a review of Tasmania's water accountability Framework.  Aither has worked with NRE Tas and other water managers to explore current water accountability arrangements, challenges, and potential improvements, and their findings, along with the Government response will be released in late 2023.

The Water Accountability Framework Review Project was funded by the Australian Government through the National Water Grid Authority, in partnership with the Tasmanian State Government.​​

​Project Timeline

Mid 2023
Review of Tasmania's water accountability framework complete.​
Late 2023​Review report and Government response released to the public, along with the implementation plan to address the recommen​dations from the report.​
​2024 - 2025
Implementation of the activties outlined in the implementation plan. This will be phased and risk-based, allowing water users and others to have a voice and adapt to new requirements over time.​

RWUS Water Accountability Framework Review