Rural Water Roundtable

​​​​​The Rural Water Roundtable is made up of water industry leaders and key stakeholders including water managers, environmental managers and industry peak bodies. The Roundtable provides perspectives and opinions to:

  • Identify opportunities for improved communication, coordination, and alignment of activities and responsibilities for sustainably managing Tasmania's water resources.

  • Inform communication and engagement about managing our precious water resources, lakes, and rivers.

​​​​​​​​​​Terms of Reference

​​The Terms of Reference for the RWR can be downloaded below:​

 Tasmanian Rural Water Roundtable - Terms of Reference - 24 May 2022 (PDF 270Kb) 


Members of the roundtable include representatives of organisations who manage Tasmania's water resources, water users and environmental managers. A list of members is included below: 

​Deidre Wilson (Chairperson) ​
​Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania
Adam Gall
​Hydro Tasmania 
​Andrew Kneebone
​Tasmanian Irrigation ​
Nathan Calman
​Mike Rose
​Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture 
​Graham Hawke
​Ben Morris
​Local Government Association of Tasmania 
​Jo Fearman
​NRM North (representing NRM regions)
Salmon Tasmania (representing Tasmanian seafood industry) 
​Deb Morice
​Dairy Tas
​Peter Stronach 
​Landcare Tasmania 
​Ryan Wilkinson
​Inland Fisherie​s Service ​
​Wes Ford
​Environment Protection Authority

​Meetings and com​muniques 

A summary of what was discussed in the Rural Water Roundtable meetings is avalable in the communique documents:

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 13 November 2023 - Meeting 9 (PDF 66Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 15 May 2023 - Meeting 8 (PDF 55Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 16 February 2023 - Meeting 7 (PDF 64Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 7 September 2022 - Meeting 6 (PDF 65Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 23 May 2022 - Meeting 5 (PDF 271Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 22 February 2022 - Meeting 4 (PDF 63Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 15 October and 10 December 2021 - Meetings 2 & 3 (PDF 40Kb)

 Rural Water Roundtable Communique 20 August 2021 - Meeting 1 (PDF 62Kb)


Water Policy Enquiries

GPO Box 44,
Hobart, TAS, 7000.