New Science to Understand Freshwater

Catchment yield science update – climate projections for the future

The effects of climate change are predicted to impact on catchment yields as well as on the timing of water demand and reliability of water supply. Climate change projections currently used in catchment yield modelling in Tasmania, whilst still being useful, are dated and may not fully inform us of the future risks to water resources.
Funding for Phase 1 of a major project to update catchment yield estimates in Tasmania, has been secured in order to explore:

  • Availability of current and contemporary climate change projection data; and
  • Methods to incorporate these projections to provide updated estimates of catchment yield in test catchments.

This will provide the Department with a pathway to updating Tasmania-wide catchment yield estimates under future climate scenarios.
This Phase 1 research will also support the scoping of a future phase (subject to funding) that will deliver the full benefits of this work by implementing the update pathway for all catchment models. These resulting yield estimates can then be used to inform water resource assessments, water management planning, water infrastructure planning and water allocation decision making.

 Factsheet - Catchment Yield Science Update (PDF 100Kb)

Water accountability, metering and reporting framework review

Many of Tasmania’s catchments have reached full allocation in summer, and some are fully allocated in winter. With increasing competition for our freshwater resources, more accurate data on water usage will be required to ensure that the resources continue to be managed sustainably and equitably. The project will review the technology available, and the water use data required, to evaluate water resource management questions.

This Water Accountability, Metering and Reporting Framework Review Project will provide advice on contemporary policy settings for water use accountability, metering and reporting, and make recommendations for change.

 Factsheet - Water Accountability Metering and Reporting Framework Review (PDF 88Kb)

Groundwater assessment project

The Groundwater Assessment Project will develop a desktop groundwater risk assessment tool, undertake targeted case study groundwater research and support our understanding of groundwater use as well as the interaction of surface water and  groundwater to enhance knowledge of risks and opportunities for groundwater use and management.

 Factsheet - Tasmanian Groundwater Assessment Project (PDF 87Kb)