Water Management Act 1999

The Water Management Act 1999 is part of the State's integrated Resource Management and Planning System and provides for the management of Tasmania's freshwater resources.

In particular, the Act is to provide for the use and management of freshwater resources in Tasmania having regard to the need to:

  • Promote sustainable use and facilitate economic development of water resources;

  • Recognise and foster the significant social and economic benefits resulting from the sustainable use and development of water resources for the generation of hydro-electricity and for the supply of water for human consumption and commercial activities dependent on water;

  • Maintain ecological processes and genetic diversity for aquatic and riparian ecosystems;

  • Provide for the fair, orderly and efficient allocation of water resources to meet the community's needs;

  • Increase the community's understanding of aquatic ecosystems and the need to use and manage water in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner; and​

  • Encourage community involvement in water resources management.


Water Enquiries

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