Water Resources Policies and Guidelines

‚ÄčThe following policies have been developed to clarify the Department's position on the interpretation of relevant provisions of the Water Management Act 1999.

Water Resource Management During Extreme Dry Conditions
The Water Resource Management During Extreme Dry Conditions Policy sets out water resource management procedures to be implemented in Tasmania during extreme dry conditions.  This will ensure an appropriate balance between consumptive water needs and environmental water needs under these circumstances.

Surface Water Allocation Decision Framework
This framework sets out the volumentric, spatial and temporal parameters for surface water allocations in Tasmania.

Guideline - Accounting for your Water
This guideline provides advice for water licence holders in regards to recording and maintaining records that demonstrate the quantity of water taken.

Guidelines to be followed in regards to Dam Safety‚Äč
There are a range of Departmental guidelines that apply in relation to the design, construction, surveillance or decomissioning of a dam. 

Guiding Principles for Water Trading
With the introduction of the Water Management Act 1999 the trading of water became possible in Tasmania. Since then, trading has occurred to a limited degree and the Department is keen to facilitate its development.

Enforcement Policy for the Water Management Act 1999
This interim policy applies to the enforcement of the provisions of the Water Management Act 1999 (WMA) and its subordinate legislation. It sets out the general principles, criteria and measures that the Department will use to enforce the WMA.

Guiding Principles for Water Management Planning in Tasmania
This policy sets out Guiding Principles for the water management planning process, including how stakeholders may be involved in the development of statutory Water Management Plans in Tasmania.