Know your Water Licence

Your water licence gives you the right to take water under the Water Management Act (1999). To be compliant with your water licence (who) you need to take the specified amount of water (what) from the named water source (where)  at the right time (when).​

​Who can take the ​water?

  • ​only the person whose name is on the licence or persons under the licence holder's direction

  • apply to NRE Tas​ for an amendment

What volume of water ca​n be taken?​

  • ​​only the volume stated on the licence under 'period amount'

Please Note: Maximum Daily Rates are on all licences. However these only apply if there is a restriction imposed on the allocation. When there is a restriction, a notice will be sent (usually be SMS) that may refer to the maximum daily amount, the surety level and what percentage of this volume may be taken per day.

For information regarding surety levels, see Water Allocation Surety Levels​ for further information.

Where can the water be tak​en from?

  • ​only from water source and location as stated on your licence

  • contact NRE Tas to discuss offtake locations

​​When can the water be​ taken?

  • ​only during the period stated on the licence

There are a number of conditions on licences, including requirements to keep records and pass inflows.

NRE Tas generally assumes most licence holders do the right thing most of the time. Education and informal warnings are often the first step taken with any licence compliance activity.

Formal action may be taken if a licence holder either intentionally or consistently breaches their licence. Formal action includes fines and a system of demerit points similar to that used for traffic offences.

More information on your water licence, including images and descriptions of a water licence are include on the factsheet below:

 Know Your Water Licence  (PDF 456Kb)


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