Undertaking Riverworks

​​​​However if deemed to be riverworks, then other approvals from the Department and other Government agencies may be necessary if the works are likely to have certain adverse effects on threatened flora and fauna species, aboriginal heritage sites, freshwater fisheries or native vegetation.

More information on statutory controls over these aspects of riverworks is contained in the publications Waterways and Wetlands Work Manual, 2003 and the Working near Waterways Guide: Understanding your Legal Obligations, 2016 (See links below)

Groups or individuals wishing to conduct riverworks should contact their local council to inform them that works are about to commence and to check whether they will need planning approval under their planning scheme. Water quality aspects should also be discussed with the Council Environmental Health Officer.

Further Information

The second phase of the Caring for Our Country Initiative will run from 2013 to 2018. It integrates previous programs such as the Natural Heritage Trust and the National Landcare Program: www.nrm.gov.au

NRM South: www.nrmsouth.org.au
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Waterways and Wetlands Works Manual
Working Near Waterways Guide: Understanding your legal obligations

Local Council websites: www.lgat.tas.gov.au