CFEV Resources

The CFEV Assessment Framework Summary

A brief summary outlining the components that were used in the CFEV assessment and how they were integrated.

  CFEV Assessment Framework Summary   (1Mb)

CFEV Glossary

A guide to CFEV jargon.

  CFEV Glossary   (48Kb)

CFEV Metadata

A list of metadata for CFEV data.

  CFEV Metadata Report   (5Mb)

The CFEV Technical Report

The technical report provides a detailed guide to the CFEV assessment framework and data. The executive summary provides a quick guide to the CFEV program and its major outputs, outcomes and objectives. The main report chronicles the methods used in the CFEV assessment, while the appendices provide detailed background information and metadata for the contents of the CFEV database.

  CFEV Technical Report - Executive Summary   (751Kb)

  CFEV Technical Report - Main   (4Mb)

  CFEV Technical Report - Appendix   (7Mb)

CFEV Validation Report

The validation report documents the results from ground-based validation of CFEV data performed on condition and natural features, with a focus on rivers and wetlands. The validation exercise was undertaken in 2007 and focussed on following priority river catchments:

  • Meander
  • Macquarie (including the Burmbys Creek - Lake River catchment)
  • South Esk
  • Welcome
  • Montagu

  CFEV Validation Report   (4Mb)

  CFEV Validation Report - Appendices   (2Mb)

Freshwater Asset Description Reports

These documents describe a set of high conservation value river and wetland assets within selected priority catchments. They provide a summary of information on the biophysical characteristics and condition of assets of high conservation value including:

  • A description of the natural values and current condition
  • Listing the priority management issues at each asset, and the priority management actions for their protection/restoration and
  • Listing the water-management related issues which need attention at each asset.

  Macquarie River (and Brumbys Creek - Lake River) Catchments - High Conservation Value Assets Descriptions Report   (20Mb)

  Meander River Catchment High Conservation Value Assets Descriptions Report   (11Mb)

  Montagu and Welcome River Catchments High Conservation Value Assets Descriptions Report   (11Mb)

  South Esk River Catchment High Conservation Value Assets Descriptions Report   (11Mb)

A Desktop Assessment of Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems in Tasmania

The results from a desktop assessment of groundwater-dependent ecosystems that was carried out to identify classes of ecosystem where the species composition and natural ecological processes are determined by the permanent or temporary presence of influence of groundwater.

  CFEV GDE Report   (2Mb)

Protection Tools for Freshwater Ecosystems in Tasmania

A summary of legislation, regulatory and management processes in place to assist the conservation and protection of the freshwater ecosystems in Tasmania.

  CFEV Protection Tools Report   (451Kb)


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