Hydrological Modelling of Tasmanian Catchment

​​​​​​​​​The sustainable management of water resources depends on accurate hydrological information on catchment water availability, the degree of current water use and environmental water needs. Tools that provide this information are essential for informed decision making regarding catchment water allocation, water management planning and investigating the feasibility of large scale water development projects. The Department has 69 surface water models that are used to inform water allocation, water management planning and water development projects..

Two climate projections projects, CSIRO Susta​inable Yields ​and Climate Futures fo​​r Tasmania​, add valuable information on potential climate effects on Tasmanian water resources by incorporating these into the 69 catchment models.

North-West Region catchment reports

North Region catchment reports

Ansons River
Little Forester River
​Boobyalla​Macquarie River
​Brid River
​​​Meander, Quamby and Liffey Rivers
​Brid River (Updated)
​​Great and Little Musselroe Rivers
​Curries River
​North Esk River
​George River
​​Pipers River
​Great Forester River
​​​Pipers River (Updated)
​Great Forester River (Updated)
Ringarooma River
Greens Creek
​​Scamander River
​Hurst Creek
​South Esk River
Lake River
​Tomahawk River

South/South East Region catchment reports

Clyde River
Meredith and Wye Rivers
Coal River
Mountain River
Davey River
Nicholls Rivulet
​Dee River
​North West Bay
​Derwent River
​Orielton Rivulet
Esperance River
​Prosser River
​Huon, Russell and Little Denison Rivers
Snug Rivulet
​Jordan River
​Swan and Apsley River
​Kermandie River