River Health Monitoring Program Review


Review results

The River Health Monitoring Program (RHMP) recently been reviewed to include:
  • new indicators of river health in the monitoring 
  • guide the program into the future
The results of the review are documented in a report:

  Review of the Tasmanian River Health Monitoring Program   (5Mb)

What is the Ri​ver Health Monitoring Program

The Tasmanian Government has conducted broad-scale monitoring of river condition across Tasmania under the RHMP. The program has been operating since 1994.

The results of the RHMP are used for a range of purposes relating to the management of natural resources (especially water) including: 
  • State of Environment reporting
  • catchment-scale river condition assessments
  • supporting environmental monitoring of industrial activities

The RHMP employs rapid sampling methods to assess river health, including Australian River Assessment System (AusRivAS) protocols, which focus on waterbug (macroinvertebrate) communities and habitat quality.

Sample processing on the riverbank

Sample processing on the riverbank
Photo: NRE Tas

Why is river health​​ monitored

Rivers are a vital part of the Tasmanian landscape and sustaining their health (or condition) allows the benefits they provide to the community to be maintained. ‘River health’ is a broad concept that relates to the condition of riverine ecosystems, a​​nd includes water quality, the quality of habitats within rivers, and the composition of communities of aquatic plants and animals.

Waterbug sampling South Esk RiverWaterbug sampling South Esk River
Photo: NRE Tas