Caring for Wildlife

​​​A guide to what you can do to help ensure the continued survival of Tasmania's unique and precious wildlife. Let's not lose Tasmania's natural advantage!

In this topic

  • Wildlife and Bushfires
    How you can help wildlife affected by bushfire.
  • Wobbly Possum Disease
    Keep up to date on information relating to brushtail possums presenting with symptoms similar to wobbly possum disease
  • Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
    Information for members of the community who have come across injured and orphaned wildlife
  • Keeping Wildlife Wild
    Wildlife live by natural rules, not by human values. If we try to feed or pat a wild animal this will have an impact on it.
  • Penguin Watching Guidelines
    These guidelines are intended to both protect penguins and to allow you to see them under natural conditions.
  • Seal Watching Guidelines
    For both human safety and the welfare of the animals, guidelines for seal watching are in place in Tasmania.
  • Wildlife Health in Tasmania
    This Manual is for wildlife health managers specifically, and is also useful for the general public in identifying wildlife health issues and how to respond.