Black Currawong

The endemic black currawong
(Photograph copyright PWS)
Photo of black currawong
The endemic black currawong (Strepera fuliginosa) is common throughout the highlands of Tasmania in subalpine forest and woodland, often moving to lower altitudes during the winter. It is completely black, except for white-tipped tail feathers and a small patch of white in the wing.

The black currawong is a opportunistic feeder, taking a wide range of food items, including lizards, mice, invertebrates and fruits. In areas frequented by people, the animal's bold nature may lead it to snatch food from a person's hand. To ensure that they retain a natural and healthy diet, and to prevent them becoming a nuisance, it is important not to feed currawongs.

The nest is a large, bowl-shaped mass of sticks built in the branches of trees. Between two and four eggs are laid.

audio button The call, so distinctive of the Tasmania highlands, is a loud 'kar-week-week-kar'.