Mammals of Tasmania

Like most of Australia's mammals, the Tasmanian mammal fauna comprises many marsupials, or pouched mammals. Marsupials are remarkable for their method of reproduction, such as the production of very tiny young which complete their development in a pouch.

Tasmania has several mammals found nowhere else in the world. Some, like the Tasmanian devil, and Tasmanian tiger are well-known. Others, such as the eastern quoll, pademelon, long-tailed mouse and bettong are less well-known, but equally fascinating.

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  • Complete Listing of Tasmania's Mammals
    Choose the species or mammal group you wish to see from this full species list.
  • Bats
    Order Chiroptera - There are eight species of bats in Tasmania.
  • Carnivorous Marsupials and Bandicoots
    Order Polyprotodonta - Includes the Tasmanian devil, quolls, antechinus, Tasmanian tiger and two species of bandicoot.
  • Echidnas and Platypus
    Order Monotremata - The only monotremes or egg-laying mammals to be found in Australia.
  • Possums, Kangaroos and Wombats
    Order Diprodotodonta - Tasmania's Macropod, Petauridae, Phalageridae, Burramyidae and Vombatidae mammal families.
  • Rats and Mice
    Order Rodentia - There are five species of native rodents in Tasmania and three introduced species.
  • Seals
    Order Pinnipedia covers eared seals (family Otariidae) as well as true seals (family Phocidae).
  • Whales and Dolphins
    The waters around Tasmania support a huge diversity of whales and dolphins (cetaceans), with approximately 40 species identified to date.

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