Platypus Fungal Disease - Acknowledgements


The Platypus Partnership Program gratefully acknowledges research funding from the Australian Government via both Natural Resource Management North and the Caring for Our Country program. The program benefitted from constructive research collaborations with researchers at a number of institutions including The Universities of Tasmania, Adelaide, Melbourne, Monash, Sydney, Western Sydney, and Charles Sturt University. In particular we thank: Michael Driessen, Annie Phillips (DPIPWE), Niall Stewart, Dominic Geraghty, Mandeep Kaur, Roger Latham and Sarah Munks (UTAS), Andrew Weeks and Elise Furlan (CESAR), Frank Gruzner and David Stephens (Adelaide Uni.), Kathy Belov and Mette Lillie (Sydney Uni.) and Joanne Connolly (Charles Sturt Uni).

We gratefully acknowledge the constructive input of participants at the Tasmanian platypus conservation workshop held in Hobart in September 2009. The following people participated in the workshop: Amelia Swan, Annie Philips, David Stevens, Dominic Geraghty, Eddie Tsyrlin, Elise Furlan, Frank Grutzner, Gemma Morrow, James Macgregor, Jessica Thomas, Joanne Connolly, Josh Griffiths, Mark Nowakowski, Mary Lou Conway, Mette Lillie, Michael Dreissen, Niall Stewart, Nick Gust, Nick Jones, Nigel Forteath, Rachelle Olsson-Herrin, Rodney Armistead, Sarah Munks, Sarah Peck, Steffen Kolomyjec, Tiggy Grillo, Tom Grant, Xianlan Cui, Yolanda Szefky.

We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the following people for reporting their observations of wild platypus (both sick and healthy), local advice, access to properties, and assistance with field surveys. If you enjoy watching these fantastic animals, please send us the details of your sightings as you are directly contributing to the broader statewide picture of platypus distribution and disease spread.

Platypus observations

Bev Armstrong
Michael Attard
Leen Bakker
Alison Beswick
Jenny Bicanic
Stewart Blackhall
John Bowden
Alex Bradley
Tracey Brand
Cheryl Bresnehan
Viv Briggs
Simone Brinsmead
Frances Butler
Ray Carroll
Jo Carter
Pete Castles
Vic Causby
Peter Clark
Francis Cleaver
Ralph Cooper
Deb & Ivor Craft
Jill Dunham
Hugh Dunthorn
Gail Eacher
Janet Fenton
Chris Forrester
Hannah Gamble
Lorraine Griffiths
Jane Grose
Rosie Gude
Bob Hamilton
Ian Harrington
Jaqueline Harris
Cath Harrison
Sandra Harwood
Fiona Hume
Becky Ieson
Dan Ivanoff
Sabina Jellet
Linda Jobson
Sarah Lloyd
Peter Maloney
Matt Marrison
Cynthia Masters
Paula Michael
Jane Millar
Rusty Morely
Carol Narakott
Michael Noble
Kathy Nolan
Roger Norton
Maura O'Connor
Brian Patrick
David Pemberton
Evan Phelan
Darren Phillips
Caroline Randall
Robin Roberts
Michael Roland
Martin Schroeter
Liz Sharples
John Simmons
Jo Slijkerman
Alex Spink
Chris Stapleton
Alison Stebbing
Penney Stewart
C Stodhart
Ross Story
Margaret Stubbs
Angela Torlop
Shannon Troy
Simon Voorwinde
Mike Wadsley
Alan Wheeler
Natasha Whish-Wilson
Rosemary (Evandale)
Annette (Upper Blessington)
Landowners/Field assistants

Bev & Stan Pickering
Bill & Robyn Gibson
Brett Moreby
Bushy Park Estate
Elise Furlan
Eskleigh House
Hobart Pathology
James Macgregor
Jamie Mason
John Stebbings
Julia Sommerfeld
Launceston Pathology
Lindon Isles
Lindsay from Rocky Cape
Louise Jerrim
Mark Blytheman
Mavis and Nigel Burgess
Millybrook Lodge
Mt Field Staff
North-West Pathology
Patrick Holcombe
Peter Doyle
Phil Adams
Platypus House staff
Rachelle Olsson-Herrin
Rob Miller
Roderick O'Connor
Shan White
Silvio Zulli
Springfield Hatchery staff
Stuart McColl
Sykes family
Terry (Mountain Stream Fishery)
Tim Browning
Tom Clarke
Ziggy & Angelika