Possums, Kangaroos and Wombats

Possums, kangaroos, and wombats are all part of the order Diprotodonta.

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  • Macropods
    The five species from the macropod family found in Tasmania are: kangaroos, wallabies, bettongs, pademelon and potoroos.
  • Possums
    The three major possum families are: Petauridae (ringtail and sugar gliders); Phalangeridae (brushtail and cuscuses); Burramyidae (pygmy and feathertail glider).
  • Wombat
    The common wombat, also known as the bare-nosed wombat, is the largest burrowing herbivorous mammal. Indeed, it is such an accomplished burrower that early settlers called it a 'badger'.