Tasmanian Tree Frog

Tasmanian tree frog
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Found only in Tasmania, the Tasmanian tree frog (Litoria burrowsae) is restricted to the west of the State. It is an attractive frog, with a green back, often patterned with brown. It can occur in rainforest and buttongrass plains. It can grow up to 60mm long.

The Tasmanian tree frog breeds mainly in spring and summer but may breed opportunistically at any time of the year after heavy rain. Tadpoles occur in stationary or slowly flowing water.

audio buttonDuring the spring and summer it calls with a distinctive duck-like quank-quank-quank.


The genus Litoria is by far the largest genus of Australian frogs, accounting for over a quarter of the 204 currently described Australian species. It is likely that further studies of this diverse group will lead to the genus being split.

The Biodiversity Conservation Branch of the Department of Primary Industries and Water is conducting a survey of the distribution of the Tasmanian tree frog as part of a program to assess the impact of the chytrid frog fungus. We would appreciate receiving any records (both past and present) of Tasmanian Tree frogs from the public. Please contact the Biodiversity Conservation Branch.