Commercial Purposes Licence

​​​​​What is a Commercia​​​l Purposes Licence?

A Commercial Purposes Licence authorises the holder to:

• possess the products of partly protected wildlife or of protected wildlife, specified on the licence; and
• sell or otherwise dispose of the products of wildlife, specified on the licence, to a person, or a class of persons, specified on the licence.

What speci​​​es does this cover?

The species that can be possessed or sold under a CPL includes:
• Bennett’s wallaby
• Rufous wallaby
• Brushtail possum
• Forester k​angaroo
Additional species will be assessed on a case by case basis.​

How do I​​ apply?

Read the fact sheet and complete the Commercial Purposes Licence Application form and return to Wildlife Services.​

 Commercial Purposes Licence Application Form (PDF 180Kb)​


Wildlife Services

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